Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Ball Collection

Hello again!

So i had been thinking that a lot of my scarves are a bit more on the casual side. So I came up with my snow ball collection which is a bit funky mixed with a dressy vibe. I'll show you the scarf and you can check the rest out at

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  1. So, I'm pretty sure that you could be my long lost twin because, I crochet- You crochet, I love Jesus- You love Jesus, I like basically all genres of music, except for country- You basically like all genres of music except for country, YOU'RE GORGEOUS- And I'm,.. Well I'm a potato, but that's besides the point XP The point is that you are awesome and I love and Thank you for creating all of these amazing patterns! BLESS YOUR FACE, YOU MARVELOUS HUMAN BEING, YOU