Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is what I call my quilt-o-ghan. The top half is a argyle crochet afghan blanket... and the middle has quilt stuffing bottomed by a premade linen fabric, sewn together with its 3 layers becomes my original design quilt-o-ghan for those extremely cold winters. so cuddly! (double bed size)

Jaxon's Baby Blankie

This is a baby blanket I custom made for a dear friend of mine who was pregnant at the time. I wasn't aware of the gender so I made it gender neutral. the entire blanket is made into a star shape and its your average size blankie for a baby. i wanted a closer pic to show the detail of the raised stripes added a nice touch i think.

Winnie The Pooh baby beanie

Yes I realize that this doll is SUPER CREEPY! lol. But honestly it's a life saver with sizing new born hats specially since I don't have a new born. This is a custom design I made to make in mass amounts for charity, it's pretty basic for me but when you need to make more than one, it makes sense and saves A LOT of time. inspiration from winnie the pooh.

My Yellow Beanie

Finally... something that I actually made for myself! hahaha which is surpising that I actually finished it too. Im such a perfectionist when it comes to my crochet work that Im generally not happy with anything I start to make for myself... BUT I did it! yay me! :)

Guys Beanie

Classic ribbed hat that I made custom for a guy friend of mine. the colors are a bit off in this pic but they are both greens. It turned out better than I expected!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Girl Beanie

I made this hat for my mom who puts together baby baskets for troubled new moms, teen moms and all sorts. So this was made for charity. Its a basic HDC worked in rows with one large heart and than a smaller heart in the middle held together by a cute button. It's pretty easy to figure out just use any online beanie pattern and im sure you could also find free heart patterns as well.

Firefighter Hat

This is a firefighter hat that I designed and created from a custom order. I didn't like any of the designs out there so I "freestyled" this up and I think it turned out quite well. Again I don't have any pattern for this hat but I might try and make one up in the future.

New Born Bunny

This is a head-to-toe bunny outfit I designed and created. I used certain ideas but these are my own patterns. I actually "freestyled" majority of it so I don't even have it written down on what stitches I used where. I might eventually try and figure it out. I made it for a silent auction, everyone thought it was super cute!