Friday, November 2, 2012

Men's infinity scarf pattern

Okay so I've heard it's hard to find a good men's scarf this year. So because of this tragic situation I have made a very easy very simple yet charming infinity scarf to share with you all... for FREE. so merry christmas! lol. This pattern is MINE. Please do not sell the pattern, go ahead and sell finished product if you wish. Thanks and enjoy!

Using worsted 4 ply yarn ( i used redheart supersaver)
6MM hook
Loose tension

Special stitches:
TR - Treble crochet ( yarn over hook twice, insert hook, yarn over pull through, yarn over through 2 loops, 2 loops, 2 loops)

You can connect the begging chain now, or stitch the ends together at the end... whatever is easier for you. I decided to weave the ends together at the end... virtually invisible. I just find it more awkward to stitch in a circle.

Chain 172

row 1: DC in second ch from hook, DC in rest beggining ch
row 2: ch 2, turn, DC entire row
row 3: ch 3, turn, TR entire row
Repeat rows 1-3 again.
row 7: ch 2, turn, DC entire row
row 8: ch 2, turn. DC entire row.
row 9: OPTIONAL slip stitch top row for "finished look"


  1. this is so nice-- thank you for posting! :)

  2. Hi there - I want to make one of these for my boyfriend, but I have about 260 yards yarn - did you use just one supersaver? And if so, did you have any left over? Trying to figure out if I need to buy more yarn. THANKS!! :)

  3. Nice blog on men scarf. Today men scarf are popular in trend. Even men prefer to wear scarf on suits also.

  4. thanx for share this scraf...this is realy charming sacrf for men

  5. So for row one, you don't have to chain 2 for the double crochet?

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  7. Awesome!! I love this pattern! It came out beautifully! :)

  8. I want to crochet with 100% wool. How many yards would I need?

  9. Thank you! I've benn crocheting under a month, your pattern was clear and easy to follow. It'sthe first scarf I've made and it came out beautifully.

  10. Love this! I made one for hubby using a chunky yarn and a 6.5 hook. It looks great and was done in a few hours! Very satisfying!! I might need one Too!